Multi Modal Transportation

It is a proven fact that building more travel lanes is not a solution to traffic congestion.  Local, Regional and State Departments of Transportation need to approach traffic management in an entirely different way.  That is, recognize the real estate located within a transportation corridor’s right-of-way has tremendous value and adaptability for additional modes of transportation – i.e. bicycles, pedestrians, and transit.  ACTIVE Planning + Design’s approach to any transportation project is to think multi-modal and leverage existing assets into multi-modal corridors that provide transportation options.

Parks + Recreation

The provision of diverse parks & recreation options for a community is a huge contributing factor to that community’s perceived and realized quality of life for its residents.  Whether it is a passive park, active park, multi-use park, neighborhood park or tot lot, community center, or community golf course, these parks & recreation facilities are destinations within the community that benefit all the residents. Having a comprehensive parks & recreation department also thrives when the community provides multi-modal transportation corridors that provides safe, efficient, and easy access to the community’s various destinations (parks & recreation, schools, shopping, medical, work, etc.).  ACTIVE Planning + Design’s founder has been assisting communities with their parks and recreation needs for over four decades.

Community Planning

The most important component of community planning is – the COMMUNITY! A successful community plan, whether it is a comprehensive plan, strategic plan, downtown plan, open space plan, bicycle & pedestrian plan, corridor plan- the list goes on, requires fun and exciting opportunities to engage the public.  Engaging the public with planning parties and hands-on activities will drive a successful planning process and produce a successful, implementable plan.  ACTIVE Planning + Design’s founder has enjoyed four decades of FUN planning processes that have positively impacted communities and their quality of life, economic development growth, and the realization of the resident’s dreams for their community.