Watch for Me OKC

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Concurrent to the development of bikewalkOKC, the City also launched its first ever safety awareness campaign for walking, cycling and driving.   The project was made possible through a Transportation Enhancement Grant awarded to the City in 2009.

The original grant was for two projects:

1) signage along the city’s bike routes

2) a modest safety campaign.

The signage project was assigned the majority of the grant money and when completed, it only utilized a small portion of the grant.  The remaining monies were significant and allowed the City to expand the scope of the safety campaign to include far reaching promotional materials and events, education and evaluation items, and most importantly, implementation projects.

The implementation items included the designing of approximately 60 blocks of protected bike lanes in downtown and mid-town Oklahoma City.  Incorporating road diets and Complete Streets designs, City streets were very capable of being downsized and including protected bike lanes.  The bike lanes are projected to be implemented during the summer of 2018.