Bella Vista Trails + Greenways Master Plan

Bella Vista, Arkansas

Bella Vista was planned and developed in the 1950’s and 1960’s as a predominantly retirement community with extensive golf and water amenities.  Over the years the demographics of Bella Vista has shifted away from retirement age residents to include a diverse demographic makeup that includes lots of families with children.  The natural beauty of Bella Vista and its numerous amenities were an easy attraction for families.  With the changing demographics also came a desire for more outdoor amenities such as hiking, walking and bicycling trails.  Dennis Blind managed the development of this plan prior to forming ACTIVE Planning + Design.  The Plan was developed to connect the City’s various destinations and natural areas together and allow the residents to walk and bike to destinations instead of using an automobile.  Hundreds of miles of trails were recommended and 40 miles have been constructed – The Back 40 – and was part of the International Mountain Bike Associations World Summit Conference that was located in NW Arkansas in November, 2016.