Our Story

ACTIVE Planning + Design was established to offer a diversity of active transportation and parks and recreation services to our clients.  Most importantly, we bring decades of experience to our clients and work side by side with them, insuring the project is being managed by the owner of the company! Having worked with international and national firms, our founder, Dennis Blind, knew that “corporate America’s” approach to planning and design totally ignored the one-on-one interpersonal consultant-client relationship that is enjoyed by small businesses.  Therefore, Dennis founded ACTIVE and is enjoying one-on-one relationships with ACTIVE’s clients.

So, if you are looking for a well-qualified consulting firm with life lesson’s from all over the country, reach out to ACTIVE Planning + Design and enjoy personal attention from a consultant for a refreshing change!  It is about you and your project, not our ego.

Being active has tremendous social, economic, environmental and transportation benefits for individuals and communities.  Data reveals that half of all trips in the U.S. are less than 3-miles and more than a quarter of all trips are less than 1-mile.  These trip distances are easily traveled by biking (less than 3-miles) and walking (less than 1-mile). Communities that provide active transportation options for residents to access shopping, work, and play by walking or biking promote active lifestyles.

ACTIVE Planning + Design assists communities, university/college campuses, and developers create walkable, bikeable, and recreational solutions to address land-use, transportation, and connectivity issues and problems.  Let our decades of experience planning, designing and implementing active transportation and parks & recreation projects be of benefit to you.

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